Pet Nutrition

Food provides the nutrients the body requires to perform its many biochemical processes. Without these required nutrients, the chemical processes are unable to happen.  Nutritional deficiencies take time to manifest and warning signs of deficiency can be subtle and easy to ignore.  Over time, however, deficiencies can result in illness and/or organ dysfunction. Dr. Dworak works to identify these abnormal patterns and verify the abnormalities through appropriate testing.  Based on these observations, the patient’s nutritional status is addressed through changes in food plans and lifestyle, combined with use of whole food concentrated supplements as needed.

The purpose of therapeutic nutrition is to support the patient for wellness rather than treating for disease.  Nutritional deficiency and/or toxicity are the root causes of many of the health problems we encounter.  Food makes ideal medicine. With therapeutic nutrition we provide the nutrient building blocks the body needs to heal. Body systems supported through therapeutic nutrition include digestion, liver function, hormone balance, immunity, heart changes, kidney function, nervous system, and skin.